Beginners Guide!

Basic Controls:


Moving: To move use the up, down, left and right arrow keys.

Pick Up Objects/Interact: Enter or Return

Attack/Interact: CTRL or Control

Speak: Enter, then type whatever you want to say then press enter again when you're finished.


The first step to ultimate power is which god you will fight for.

Thats right folks! Instead of the usual race or class to choose from you instead choose which God you will worship and which God will be responisble for your deeds, wether they be protecting a maiden to gain a trinket or assasinating the maiden for blood a gold!

"Each quest has two paths; Good or Evil."

Ever thought "that sword is a rubbish quest reward I'd much rather not waste my time doing this quest or just get gold instead as the reward!" Well now in Age of Olympus you have two paths of every quest! Good: If you choose the good path in a quest you will gain a different quest reward than the Evil Path and gain reputation for the Bliss Faction. Evil: If you choose the evil path in a quest you will gain a different quest reward than the Good Path and gain reputation for the Chaos Faction

"Once you have  completed the beginner's Underworld you now have two choices; Level to 50 using your own private Underworld or Role-Play to your hearts desire!"

Tired of waiting hours for a boss to spawn because you arrived late and someone else got him? Well with the new feature of personal Underworlds no one else can disturb you! The Underworlds or "dungeons" have different level modes. For instance if you were level two you would go up to the Underworld entrance and choose the Underworld levels 2-10 that way there will be only creatures levels 2-10 in there! But don't threat because if you're one of those people that loves role-playing and grinding your way then still you have that choice, you might even want to mix it up a little!

"Explore Ancient Greece!"

Correct! All the maps when fitted together are one small model of Ancient Greece! Ever been on holiday to Athens and thought "I wonder what it would have been like in Ancient Greece right now well maybe this is your chance to see!

"From Athens to Sparta, It's your destiny!"

The whole game, built by George Allen and his co-workers, was thoroughly thought through so that each quest, each battle is up to YOU, this game, this world, this Age, is your destiny.

Now come brave warrior in all your splendor and join...the Age of Olympus.